May 7, 2004



In what way does his music inspire you? This section is for all fans wishing to share their thoughts with the world about the originator of FINAL FANTASY music.

Send us your thoughts, comments, wishes, and words about Nobuo Uematsu. It can be anything about Mr. Uematsu: his music, his words, or how he's influenced you.

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May 7, 2004

Jeff. M. Cheatham
Loveland, CO

"I've found that Nobuo Uematsu's music is a lot like Mozart or Beethoven's music. The compositions actually help me think and imagine more clearly. I'mthankful for this and wish to express this to this wonderful composer."

Pelle and Kim
Honefoss, Norway

"Dear Nobuo We are dedicated fans of yours, and hope The Black Mages could play in Oslo, Norway some day! :) Good Luck with your Music and stuff! ;) P.S. You're awesome!!!"

Matt Sedlak
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"His music that he makes really inspires my imagination. He inspires me to continue, to keep going, to reach for the stars and my dreams. When I hear the music in the game it makes me feel like I am in the game, like I am one of the characters."