03/01 (Monday)
Check the first draft of "I wanna live easy." Oh... there's so much I want to rewrite. Of course, there's no time.

03/02 (Tuesday)
I suddenly realize, the concerts are starting next week. Uh-oh... I have to do this, and that, and that other thing... this is going to be a busy few days.

03/03 (Wednesday)
I'm supposed to learn conducting from Sakai-san of Hal Laboratory fame, but it's so difficult I give up in 20-30 minutes and we all go out drinking. We hear that RIKKI is holding a live concert in Shibuya and go to drop in and have a listen. It's been a while. She's doing great music, as always. Rich...richer than any rock you'll hear in town. But delicate, too.

03/04 (Thursday)
Kraftwerk live concert. I was surprised by the entertainment aspect. Still, an old man like me's got to have a seat to sit on. The standing concerts get to my knees.

03/05 (Friday)
Promotion for "TOUR de JAPON" in Fukuoka. I score three bowls of ramen (The names of the ramen shops: "The Cannon," "Daruma," and "Ramen Theater.")

03/06 (Saturday)
Human Academy lecture in Fukuoka. I get one bowl of ramen ("Ichiran") this time.

03/08 (Monday)
Rehearsal of the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra at the Sumida Triphony Hall. My first impression is not bad!

03/09 (Tuesday)
Rehearsal of the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra at the Katsushika Symphony Hills. Interesting how the sound of an orchestra can change just because of a different space.

03/10 (Wednesday)
Finally, a rehearsal of the MC's routine. More of speaking practice than a rehearsal, really.

03/11 (Thursday)
Rehearsal of the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra at the Sumida Triphony Hall. Today is the first rehearsal with the opera section. Tomorrow's the real thing. I'm nervous...

03/12 (Friday)
"TOUR de JAPON" in Yokohama. All's well that ends well. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be, probably because there was so much to think about. But it was a real good show (I think)...

03/13 (Saturday)
I'm eating breakfast at the hotel in Yokohama where I stayed last night and a couple comes up and says they were "moved" by the concert last night. Turns out that the woman was a classmate of Mr. Sakaguchi. It's a small world out there. You never know who you'll meet.

03/14 (Sunday)
"TOUR de JAPON" in Shibuya. We do a noon-time show and an evening show today. Honestly, it's hard. Very. But of course, when I think about it, Takemoto-san is conducting twice in a day... with a daily routine like that it's no wonder he stays slim.

03/16 (Tuesday)
Interview, followed by a meeting, followed by a planning session... I think I talked all day.

03/17 (Wednesday)
Spent the day going to Sapporo. Scored a Mongolian Hot Pot for dinner! I'm keeping track of my meals, can you tell?

03/18 (Thursday)
Sapporo Symphony Orchestra rehearsal. The concert master, the horns, and the harpist are all FF fans, which goes a long way. For lunch, I score miso ramen! ("Junren") For dinner, I score shellfish, and sushi!

03/19 (Friday)
"TOUR de JAPON" in Sapporo. Guest-star Nojima-nyo looked nervous until the intermission, but when he finally came out to talk he was quite relaxed. The last-minute Happy Birthday plan caught me by complete surprise. After the concert there was a meet-the-nice-audience and hand-shaking time. Sapporo made a good impression with me.

03/20 (Saturday)
Day of travel, Sapporo->Tokyo. Scored one bowl of miso ramen at the airport!

03/21 (Sunday)
Human Academy lecture in Osaka. Off to Osaka the day after coming back from Sapporo...Okay, who made this schedule? At night, the Uematsu Productions team held a birthday party for me. Thanks, everyone. That Italian restaurant was pretty good! I sip a late-night bowl of ramen and head back to the hotel.

03/22 (Monday)
Promotion for the "TOUR de JAPON" in Osaka. I see the Osaka Festival Hall where we'll hold our show and it's totally the "Theater that Time Forgot." It's got atmosphere, this place. I score curry-udon noodle for lunch!

03/23 (Tuesday)
My body hurts all over. My head is foggy. Bleh....

03/24 (Wednesday)
No time to rest. Even worse, I've no time to compose (my real job). Good-bye everyone, I'm holing up at Yamanaka Lake from tomorrow.

03/29 (Monday)
It occurs to me that I didn't mention the comic manzai duo* "Regular" in this journal. I saw their act "The Investigators," on TV only once but the impact was so great I can't stop thinking about it. I keep hoping to see them but they must be new on the scene, as they hardly show up on TV here in Tokyo. Gotta see them again... Did anyone tape that show?

*Manzai = A form of comedy with two people talking to each other Laurel-and-Hardy style.