01/01 (Thursday)
Last night's T.V. offerings posed a real conundrum. Fights on three channels and at the same time as Beat Takeshi's show... In the end, I watched one of the shows in real time and tapeed the other three. This is the first time all three VCRs in the house have been going at the same time. As soon as I wake up in the morning, it's off to Atami. Strangely, it's my first day without cigarettes, and I don't feel the least bit like smoking. I guess one day isn't so tough, eh?

*Beat Takeshi (a.k.a. movie director "Takeshi Kitano") is a comedian and variety show host on TV.

01/02 (Friday)
As expected, the entire way home from Atami is a traffic jam. I figured the irritation would make me want to smoke... but it doesn't. And here I thought I'd be in physical pain_ it's a bit of a letdown. Maybe my withdrawal symptoms will come after a few days?

01/03 (Saturday)
Saw "Pirates of the Caribbean." Made the connection to the Disney ride for the first time. Now it all makes sense.
I figured I'd want to smoke while watching the movie, but... nothing. Maybe I never really liked cigarettes?

01/04 (Sunday)
Head out to Futako Tamagawa on my Vespa. Rented "The Others" at the video store. I think it's a well-done movie. Plus the director did both the script and the score to boot, and neither was amateurish at all. There are some pretty amazing people out there. Still smoke-free today, of course.

01/05 (Monday)
Today it starts getting tough to go without tobacco. That's because everyone smokes at work. I manage to pull through with the help of the Nicorette gum... or maybe it was just because I was so busy I didn't have any free time to think about smoking anyway.

01/06 (Tuesday)
My body feels lighter somehow...could it be my mind playing tricks on me? Possibly due to this, I get lots of work done. I work through the day without taking any breaks other than lunch.

01/07 (Wednesday)
I was a borderline insomniac before but I've been sleeping really well lately. Could it be because I quit smoking...? If that's the case, then smoking for twenty years was really running my body through the wringer...

01/09 (Friday)
A four day recording get-away in Izu starts tomorrow. I spent the night in Atami in preparation.

*Izu is a rural peninsula a few hours to the SW of Tokyo.

01/10 (Saturday)
First day of recording. We get a little less done than expected.

01/11 (Sunday)
Recording all day.

01/12 (Monday)
Recording all day.

01/13 (Tuesday)
Recording all day. We finish everything save the harmonium dubbing. Now all that is left to do is the song recording starting this weekend and laying down the final tracks.

01/14 (Wednesday)
I see the original "Solaris." Hmm...hard to comment on this movie. Due to the fact I was pretty much asleep the whole time. I'll see the remake next.

01/15 (Thursday)
Still smoke-free. Which is great, but I feel like I'm eating a whole lot more now. Um, am I doing the right thing?

01/16 (Friday)
Recording: Recorder, Harmonium.

01/17 (Saturday)
First day of voice. No problems.

01/18 (Sunday)
Second day of voice. No problems.

01/19 (Monday)
Third day of voice. No problems.

01/20 (Tuesday)
Fourth day of voice. No problems.

01/21 (Wednesday)
First day of mixing.

01/22 (Thursday)
Second day of mixing.

01/24 (Saturday)
Third day of mixing.

01/25 (Sunday)
Fourth day of mixing.

01/26 (Monday)
Last day of mixing. When we finished, everybody on the project showed up at the Studio by twos and threes and we headed straight into the wrap party. What a great project it was, too! Thanks, everybody!

01/28 (Wednesday)
Today the DVDs are mastered. This marks the end of my part in the "Mahoroba" Project.

01/29 (Thursday)
I watch "Signs." So, this was made by the same guy that made "Sixth Sense?" So that's why... (What? So that's why what!?)

01/31 (Saturday)
Enterbrain comes to do a photo shoot at Yamanaka Lake. There's a bit of snow on the road and I start to worry... But no problem! My car is a jeep, it can (hopefully) go where there is no road! For the first time, I'm really appreciating driving a 4WD car.