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Wings of the Goddess on Sale!

At long last, today sees the release of the highly-anticipated "Wings of the Goddess" expansion for FINAL FANTASY XI! The new dancer and scholar jobs, the monumental Allied Campaign battle system, a plentitude of heretofore unknown monsters, and of course, the epic unfolding of the Crystal War in the Vana'diel of old...

Adventurers will have to put their trust in the mysterious regal feline that they meet along their journey into the unknown. Fight off the rise of the beastmen armies as they threaten the balance of Vana’diel!

What adventures lay hidden through the enigmatic Cavernous Maws? It's up to you to find out!

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Fan Festival 2007 Wrap-Up!

With Fan Festival 2007 finished, the official site has been updated with exciting details for the fans that couldn't attend the show. Many exciting revelations were made as well as plenty of surprises on both days. We've posted lots of photos and write-ups for everyone to enjoy! [More]

FINAL FANTASY XI Merchandise Debuts!

We're proud to announce the addition of
FINAL FANTASY XI goods to the Square Enix Official Online Merchandise Store. Head on over and check out the exciting items up for sale! [More]

Open Mog House!

By now, most players should be familiar with the Mog House and the invaluable conveniences it offers. The Mog House has undergone further renovation, as characters are now able to invite and welcome others into their own private residence! [More]
Wings of the Goddess Kicks off with a Bang!

Wings of the Goddess has hit store shelves and the community is already tearing through the exciting new content! Players immediately went searching for the links to the past and started to investigate the mysteries occurring in their home nations. The new job quests were next up for many of the adventurers who wanted a chance to try out dancer and scholar and see just what they were all about. Many players have even commented on the exciting prospects that using the new jobs as support jobs open up. It will be interesting to see what kind of job combinations players will start to try out as the expansion evolves.

The new Allied Campaign is proving to be very in-depth, as players are learning the ins and outs of the massive system that was introduced in Wings of the Goddess. Everyone likes the Sigil system used in the Vana’diel of the past, which combines benefits from both Signet and Sanction. Players were happy to discover that they can stack their Sigil bonuses on top of each other to greater effect.

The monsters in the past are also getting a lot of attention since players are enthusiastic about expanding their Gobbie Bags through the two new quests that raise the total capacity to 70. Not only that, but players are really happy when they come across Pixies roaming around while battling. We don’t want to spoil anything for you, but we think you’ll find them very helpful if you're in a tight spot!

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